Virtualization versus Dedicated Servers

_DSC7685For the sake of this article we are going to focus on the virtualization of a dedicated server using a software product. While some people may argue this isn’t a true cloud environment until some other factors are addressed, we will keep things simple here. Products that could be used to achieve virtualization might be VMWare, Virtuozzo, Xen/Citrix, Hyper-V, or any other flavor you might be comfortable using in a production environment. While each version has it’s own pros and cons, we will focus on the general idea of virtualization as a whole and what it can do for your business.

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Comparison on Website Design Companies


Let’s face it; there’s a lot of web design companies out there. So what makes many customers choose popular and widely advertised sites such as Go Daddy, Intuit, and 1&1? After comparing and contrasting these sites, you will also be educated on why certain features of these popular sites are at fault, and what you can do about it.

You will also see examples of websites that may appear attractive and “look” like a good website, but we want to reveal why these websites are not user-friendly and the content of the other pages on the site are easily overlooked. We want to show you the importance of looking for more than attractive pictures and colors on a site’s home page…and see what features really make a difference.

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Free Email Services vs. Professional Email Services

free email services vs. professional email services - email spam

Are free email services worth the price? According to CMIT Solutions, free, web-based email services like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail are increasing the gap of security. Spammers use fake return email addresses all the time, but if the return address belongs to an acquaintance of yours, chances are that person’s actual account (and address book) has been hacked into. We will discuss the differences between free email services vs. professional email services.

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Self-Employed? Tools for Support


In the world of self-employment, getting stuff done in an easy and efficient way can sometimes be…well, difficult. Self-employed workers also know the value of the dollar and are willing to do anything they can to increase their marketing and sales in an effective yet affordable way, as well as saving time. With simple tools such as Skype, Google Voice, and others, you can save money while building your professional network and portfolio.

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Considering RAID Performance on mkfs Command


When researching RAID technology, I ran into many concerns regarding performance considerations at multiple levels of storage, including the filesystem. After some research, I found that when creating a filesystem using the mkfs command, the parameters stride and stripe-width can be passed to help the filesystem better accommodate the RAID configuration reads and writes for improved performance. Continue reading Considering RAID Performance on mkfs Command

Selecting the Appropriate RAID Stripe Size


After obtaining new equipment, and the new Adaptec 5805Z Raid Controller, I began researching the best configuration of hardware and software from the ground up. Since the machines being setup are storage units, I paid special attention to the RAID controller configuration. This article will address how to select the “best” raid stripe size for your controller. Also, this knowledge is based off of extensive research for two to three weeks, but may have flaws. If any are noticed, please feel free to notify me so that I may review and correct them. Thanks! Continue reading Selecting the Appropriate RAID Stripe Size

Software RAID in FreeBSD


FreeBSD provides a helpful tool to manage software RAID with ATA deivces. This tool provides features such as hot swapping ATA RAID devices, which was previously unheard of. This functionality and features will be elaborated here, but caution should be taken as software RAID IS NOT an adequate replacement for hardware RAID. Continue reading Software RAID in FreeBSD