What’s the difference between the reCAPTCHA Versions?

What is reCaptcha?

reCAPTCHA is a free Google service that protects websites from spam and abuse by identifying human users over automated bots. It is a more advanced version of the traditional CAPTCHA system.

How Does it Work?

reCAPTCHA uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to recognize human behavior that bots cannot follow. The tests are passable enough for any human user regardless of age, gender, education and language.

Image reCAPTCHA V1

The image recognition reCAPTCHA test uses either nine of sixteen real life images in the form of a square with instructions above to select traffic lights, crosswalks, or bikes. Once the squares are selected the system compares its answers to that of a million others, if it matches majority than it passes. These images are typically low resolution, making it harder for the bots to see but still visible enough for humans.

Checkbox reCAPTCHA V2

Another form of reCAPTCHA is a simple check box that states “I’m not a robot”. This test distinguishes the difference between humans and bots by tracking the movement of the cursor as it approaches the checkbox. A bot will typically move to the box in a straight line with no variation at all, verses a human will show variation. Even the slightest variation of cursor movement to the checkbox is noted.

reCAPTCHA V2 Invisible

reCAPTCHA V2 Invisible works the same way but takes out the checkbox of the equation. Like traditional reCAPTCHA, an additional challenge will sometimes appear if it thinks you’re not a human, but with invisible reCAPTCHA, this happens when you submit form (and the submission will really be sent once you validate the image test) instead of when you tick the checkbox.


A newer version aims to avoid disrupting the user experience by limiting user interaction through calculating a score according to the present user behavior and history. Computers then determine the score for the user in a preliminary Turing test. The Turing Test is a method of inquiry in artificial intelligence (AI) for determining whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human being.


reCAPTCHA can protect you also when logging into your website to prevent Brute force attacks. Brute force attacks are a common threat to web developers which is a password- guessing attack. It tries to discover a password by systematically trying every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols until it finds the correct combination. Using CAPTCHA creates an authentication process that essentially blocks this process.


reCAPTCHA actively protects the integrity of your site by preventing spam, abuse, and date theft from bots. ReCAPTCHA is free for everyone, it provides security for you, your business, and your consumers information. There are numerous options available for you to decide which works best.

What is IndexNow?

What We Know

IndexNow is an open source and open to all participating search engines. When certain content is published or updated on a website, IndexNow notifies all participating search engines, in turn this reduces the time for indexing dramatically. How it does this is by changing the content discovery to the push method where a CMS such as WordPress tells the search engines when the content is published or has been updated. This is beneficial because it takes away the wait time for search engines to try and discover the content. Instead, the search engines know about it right away and they can visit the site to grab the new or updated pages.

Why This Is Important

Search engines have been accessing content the same way for way to long. If you are not a large website with a lot of traffic, chances are it can be days or even weeks before a search engine accesses your site and indexes new or updated pages. This can cost you important traffic to competitors. With IndexNow, an open-source protocol, websites can index across search engines, updating results based upon the latest content changes, immediately. In a simpler form, a ping is sent to notify search engines that a URL and its content has been added, updated or even deleted, which improves efficiency.

How it Works

Search engines obtain data through a push and pull operative.

  1. Pull: a search engine visits your site to request web pages and gather data from the server.
  2. Push: a web publisher or content management system notifies the search engine that pages have been added, deleted, or have any other changes have been made.

Where IndexNow differs, is that it allows all URLs submitted to any indexNow enabled search engine to be simultaneously submitted to all the other search engines using the protocol.

How Do You Use It?

It is pretty straightforward when it comes to IndexNow

  1. Generate an API Key- this is submitted alongside URLs to ensure ownership of the domain. You can use an online key generator tool for this
  2. Host API Key- Your API key is hosted on the root directory in a text format
  3. Submit URLs with Parameters- You can either submit URLs individually or in bulk. Submit your key location as a parameter.
  4. Check your submissions- using the Bing Webmaster tools, you can verify which URLs have been submitted and discovered.

So Who is Using It?

IndexNow is still fairly new, at the time of publication, only Bing and Yandex were using IndexNow.

There is confirmation that Google will be testing IndexNow, they have no confirmed whether or not they will use it but just the fact that they are willing to experiment with it says a lot about its potential.

Other Uses and FAQs

  • You can provide search engines with a list of up to 10,000 URLs with a single API call.
  • The sooner your pages are indexed, the more quickly they can start competing for high-ranking search engine spots

What is New in WordPress 6.0 and 6.0.1

Key Improvements from 5.9

WordPress has recently launched a new update. The update includes more improvements to the full site editing feature with wide set blocks, editable templates and more patterns.

Themes and Templates

  • Easier way to switch themes with just one click, just by clicking on the style button at the top right corner and then switch to the browse styles tab to see available styles for your theme.
  • You can edit more theme templates with WP 6, the new archive templates that you can include are:
    • Author
    • Category
    • Date
    • Tag
    • Other custom taxonomy

Block Themes, New Blocks and Block Theme Editor

  • WP 6 now allows you to save and export all the changes you made to your block theme.
  • WP will prepare a theme zip file that includes all the changes you made using the full site editor. You can then download and install that theme on any other WP site.

  • There is an added comment query loop. This replaces the old post comments block, and it comes with sub blocks like comment author name, avatar, comment content, edit link and more. You can edit them individually to style your comments on your WP Blog for a more engaging experience.
  • You can also add a read more block rather than just a read more line.
  • Post author biography, which is a block that can now be used along with post author and avatar block.

  • You can choose a page pattern now, which means the “add new page” screen will now bring up a pop up with a list of patterns you can use to create pages.
  • Block editor changes include block locking now.
  • Locking a block can prevent other uses from removing it or changing its position either on purpose or by accident.

  • Easier text selection in multiple blocks, in 5.9 it was difficult for users to select the text between multiple WordPress blocks. This is now easier to select text and move the selection cursor across the blocks more smoothly.
  • Responsive blocks are now available which will allow you to choose how you want blocks tot behave on different screen sizes, for group blocks, you’ll see the option to display the blocks inside as a row or a stack..
  • You can also select multiple blocks and then choose between a row or a stock layout.

  • Quick shortcuts to add links by adding two square brackets followed by the post or page tittle. This makes it faster than having to click a button.
  • You can now also select multiple blocks in list view.
  • You can create a border for column blocks.
  • You can create spacing for gallery images.
  • The separator block can now let you choose the opacity.

Accessibility Improvements

  • The post title will be used as the ALT text for featured images if no other ALT text is provided.
  • Better tabbing in blocks with placeholder elements.
  • Search announcements in block search.
  • Read description for blocks with a placeholder setup.
  • Admin bar text labels will be readable by screen readers on smaller screens.
  • More descriptive announcements for screen readers when a draft is saved.
  • You can now copy an image URL from media library list view, so when you go to view your media library in the list view, you can see a copy URL to clipboard link.

WordPress 6.0.1

  • Links are disabled in editor mode to prevent you from clicking on them and going into a different tab.
  • There are numerous bug fixes for WordPress 6.0.1:
    • Ability to preview all themes on Add Themes Screen.
    • Block template’s theme support is fixed and present in themes.
    • Removed bugs from Gutenberg.
    • Meta Icon prop errors are removed.
    • Strip whitespaces in render block core cover before injecting the featured image is removed.
    • The editor won’t break when inserting a classic block while the sidebar is open.
    • Only the main query will be modified when resolving templates for new posts.
    • Navigation Block “Open on click” already inherits font style and weight.

Coloring Images in Gutenberg using Duotone

Coloring images in Gutenberg using Duotone filters, allows for you to manipulate images to you advantage.

When you select shadows you can choose the color from either the options given to you, or input a code for a specific color. This will serve as a background color. When you select highlights, this can also be done but this overlays with the shadows color.

When you manipulate the shadows and highlights, you can create a darker image for text. This allows the image to serve more as a space for text. Almost like a colored text box.

Price Table Block (a CA Standard) vs a Table Block (WP Standard)

A Centennial Arts only feature includes a price table block. This block allows for you to create prices for products.

You can add info you see fit where things are labeled as “examples” a buy option, URL, and Links.

Another feature you can click when you go to edit the block is to hover your cursor over the price tag, when clicked, it will generate a discount that you can choose to show. This feature is only allowed through Centennial Arts software.

WordPress Standard Table Block

The WordPress Standard Table Block allows you to create a table of your choosing. You can adjust to how many rows you need vertically and horizontally.

  • Once you have your desired column and row count hit create table.
  • Once your table is created you can add a header or a footer, just look to the right of the screen in the block header to choose.

  • You can also choose to do a table with outlines or just stripes, on the right of the screen in block editor just click “stripes” instead of “default”.

  • If you choose to go with the default option, you can even adjust the color of the outline of the table or the fill color or both! Located also on the right of the screen in block editor under the header and footer option.

  • And if you want, you can make the fill of the table more appealing buy using the “gradient” option, this option is located in the same place when you click “background”.

Is it Hard to Manage an Online Store?

Is it Hard to Manage an Online Store

Many people have turned to selling online to make money. This can be exciting for aspiring entrepreneurs to start an eCommerce store. However, there’s a lot that goes into managing an online store. You may be wondering, “Is it hard to manage an online store?” We will answer this question and what to know when managing an online store.

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Importance of WordPress Security

importance of wordpress security

Contact us When it comes to security of your WordPress website, this is a topic of vital importance for every website owner. Every week, Google blacklists thousands of sites. Therefore, using good security practices for your WordPress site is essential for your business. Centennial Arts uses Edge Security to ensure your website is secure on WordPress. We will discuss the importance of WordPress security.

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How Online Shopping Changed the Landscape of Holiday Shopping

How online shopping changed the landscape of holiday shopping

Holiday shopping is a popular annual tradition for many. In this ever-evolving retail landscape—where brick-and-mortar stores are folding as online stores continue expanding—what does that mean for how we shop? The digital world is continually growing which can have an affect on the way people shop during the holiday season. Therefore, we will discuss how online shopping changed the landscape of holiday shopping.

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Tips to Promote Your Business During the Holidays

tips to promote your business during the holidays

During the holiday season, it can be easy to get caught up in the flurry of activity and not spend time ramping up your holiday marketing efforts. There are purchases to make, gifts to wrap and goodies to bake, as well as many other time consuming tasks. However, the holiday season is a great time for business owners to increase their profits. We have put together a few tips to promote your business during the holidays.

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How Much Does it Cost to Design a Website?

How much does it cost to design a website?

Running a business can be expensive. Somebody is asking for money everywhere you look, whether it’s another monthly subscription for the latest industry software, an annual marketing conference or a 1-day workshop that you just can’t miss. All of these costs can definitely add up. So, how can you justify spending 3K-10K on a brand new website? One of the very first questions we get asked by prospects looking to build a website is “How much does it cost to design a website?” The answer to this question can vary from business to business depending on your needs. We will answer this question and explain why the cost of a website can vary so greatly.

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How Do You Know a Website is Secure During the Holiday Season?

How do you know a website is secure during the holiday season?

With the holiday season coming up, many will be doing their shopping online. Online shopping means that personal information, such as phone numbers, home addresses and credit card information will be flying around the internet. For cyber criminals, this personal data translates to dollars, as they are gearing up for the heavy traffic and increased online sales in the upcoming months We will answer the question, “How do you know a website is secure during the holiday season?”

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Contactless Curbside pickup: What Will Curbside Pickup Look Like During the Holidays?

What Will Curbside Pickup Look Like During the Holidays?

Many businesses have changed the way they operate in order to stay open amid COVID-19. Contactless curbside pickup has become a popular solution for retailers during this challenging time. This allows both customers and employees to stay safe. However, with the holiday season upon us, you might be wondering, what will curbside pickup look like during the holidays?

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