Comparison on Website Design Companies

Go Daddy:

What they offer: Domains, hosting, servers, storage, web design, email services, SSL and security.

Why they think they’re so great: They’re cheap, advertise with models in tank tops to grab the audience’s attention, and they’re the world’s largest domain name registrar and web hosting provider. With more than 52 million domain names under management and 10 million customer contracts, they wouldn’t be able to function without their “24/7/365 customer care operations with no outsourcing.”

Why they really aren’t: Go Daddy is a pre-designed template website and values a “here’s a plug-in; if it doesn’t work, then too bad” kind of attitude. They do not offer unlimited updates or maintenance and once a website is published to the Internet, it must be self-maintained by the user (who is probably not a web designer, so the chances of the site looking bad is likely).

Go Daddy Site Example:







What’s wrong with this website image:

Text, text, and more text. As the very first template example on Go Daddy’s website design page, it already has multiple issues. This design template only allows you to add text and a couple pictures in a very compact area. Information overload is a huge problem in many company’s websites today, which causes users to overlook any important information and decrease marketability for the company.

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