Comparison on Website Design Companies

Do you want a company that gives you a truly customized and personalized website design, that provides one-on-one interactions, friendly and personable service, and affordable pricing? Of course, the answer to that question should be “YES!

Well, Centennial Arts provides that and much more. We strongly value our customer’s needs, the desire to build a professional and personal relationship with you, communicate effectively, and we actually help you one-on-one, not just over the phone or direct you to online “FAQ’s” that make you figure things out yourself.

Centennial Arts


What we offer: Truly customized and personalized website design, consultation, hosting, enterprise email solutions, unlimited updates, and unlimited maintenance.








Why we think we’re great: Aside from all of our customer’s satisfaction and great testimonials, we also provide better inventory management, design quality, and the highest quality of a commercially presented website at a good price. We also provide user-friendly and easy-to-follow articles of support on technology, email, eCommerce, and many others. Check out the support section of our website ( to see for yourself!

Another feature we provide is integrating blogs into sites (for example, click on the Blog tab at and the benefit to this is getting more exposure to the internet. Most real estate agents integrate MLS (used for searching listings) into their sites, which keeps people on the site longer because they’re using their resource. This benefits both the user and the agent (for example, click on and view house listings in their local area). For the entertainment industry, many companies use 3rd parties that link users to their specific photo gallery (for example, Gatsby’s Bar uses Flickr for their gallery photos:



Why some think Go Daddy and other companies are better: Well, as we said before, people want to get the cheapest thing they can find of a certain product or service. But likewise, you do get what you pay for. Plus, in the long run you may be paying a lot more than you expected if you don’t get quality service the first time. Centennial Arts provides very high quality and expertise at an affordable rate, but we’re not super cheap or free because we do a really great job. Although our company is vastly growing, we don’t have over 10 million customer contracts like Go Daddy and other popular sites, but we can ensure that all of our customer’s are completely satisfied with their websites before we publish it online.

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