Tips to Promote Your Business During the Holidays

tips to promote your business during the holidays

During the holiday season, it can be easy to get caught up in the flurry of activity and not spend time ramping up your holiday marketing efforts. There are purchases to make, gifts to wrap and goodies to bake, as well as many other time consuming tasks. However, the holiday season is a great time for business owners to increase their profits. We have put together a few tips to promote your business during the holidays.

Tips to Promote Your Business During the Holiday Season

The following are just a few tips to promote your business during the holidays:

Offer Special Discounts to Loyal Customers

One way to promote your business during the holiday season is by offering special discounts to your best or most loyal customers. Why not treat them to a holiday gift, from you to them? Offering deals they can’t refuse on the products or services they buy the most is a great way to say happy holidays to your most loyal customers!

Keep in mind, it typically costs a lot more to acquire brand new customers than to retain the ones you have. If you only reach out to your all-star customers once a year, make sure it’s during the holiday season. To increase holiday sales, consider offering these loyal customers an even bigger break when they refer your business to family or friends, and those referrals make a purchase.

Send Personalized Emails to Your Customers

Sending personalized emails to your customers is another way to promote your business during the holidays. It’s great to be able to personalize emails by including their name and a pertinent detail.

If this customer always places a monthly order, consider personalizing the email with a suggestion for an item you think they would like based on their order history. Personalized emails reminds your customers that you really do appreciate their loyalty.

Offer Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are great for a variety of industries, including automotive repair shops, tattoo parlors, clothing stores, etc.

Who wouldn’t love a free oil change and tire rotation, new tattoo or blouse? This also gives the recipient the option to choose from the product or service of their preference with the certificate. Gift certificates are great stocking stuffers and offer a great opportunity to cross-sell.


The months leading up to the holidays are a great time to suggest items to go with the products or services your customers are already purchasing.

For example, if they bought a beautiful set of earrings last year for mom, you might suggest the matching necklace. Or, if you sell a spa package, offer the premium at-home spa kit to go with it as a carrier for the gift certificate.

Send Gift Ideas

Deciding on the perfect gift for a loved one can be a difficult decision for many. Help your customers by sending a tailored email full of gift ideas with headings such as the following:

  • Gifts for Mom
  • Great Gifts for Co-workers
  • Gifts for Your Furry Friend

Offer Free Shipping or Special Deliveries

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to increase holiday sales. For example, you could hand-deliver that premium spa package and at-home spa kit with a bouquet of fresh flowers or a box of chocolates.

If you’re managing an online store, then you’re competing with giant retailers. Most giant retailers are offering more choices and fast, free shipping. How you craft the customer experience around waiting for and receiving their purchase can make a significant difference in how willing they are to shell out for shipping costs or wait longer than they’d have to if they bought from another retailer.


These are just a few tips to promote your business during the holidays. For more information on marketing your business online, contact Centennial Arts using the link below!

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