Importance of WordPress Security

importance of wordpress security

Contact us When it comes to security of your WordPress website, this is a topic of vital importance for every website owner. Every week, Google blacklists thousands of sites. Therefore, using good security practices for your WordPress site is essential for your business. Centennial Arts uses Edge Security to ensure your website is secure on WordPress. We will discuss the importance of WordPress security.

Importance of WordPress Security

Edge Security allows you to deliver consistently delightful customer experiences with enterprise-grade security.

Protects Your Brand from Cyber Attacks

The consequences of data losses becomes increasingly large as companies gather increasing amounts of personal data from customers. Digital experiences are evolving rapidly in their sophistication to meet consumer demand, but so does the nefarious activity of hackers.

Businesses face increasing risks of serious financial and brand reputation loss. The average cost to enterprises and SMBS to repair security damage in 2017 was $2M and $120M per incident, respectively.

Additionally, with more and more threat types happening than ever, protecting and growing your business is with multi-layer security is essential for your sites.

The following are just a few ways Edge Security can protect your brand from cyber attacks:

  • Deflect Attacks with Managed WAF (Web Application Firewall). WordPress security helps to block threats at the edge and get automatic updates to respond to emerging threats.
  • Protect Your Business Ops with DDoS Mitigation. Edge Security absorbs attacks with protection at the network, transport and application layers.
  • Speed Up Application Performance. Cloudflare’s next-generation CDN allows you to deliver content faster.

Keeps Hackers Away with Managed Web Application Firewall

Edge Security with Centennial Arts includes custom rule sets managed to protect your WordPress website. Mitigating threats at the edge allows it to do more than block specific IP addresses or ports; it inspects web traffic signs of XSS or SQL injections.

In addition, this WordPress security automatically updates to respond to emerging threats. Therefore, this minimizes the risks from hackers employing new techniques.

Protects Your Business Assets with DDoS Mitigation

This security technology absorbs highly distributed attack traffic to keep you online.

By detecting and dropping volumetric attacks at the edge, the origin infrastructure is protected.

Improves Site Performance

Edge Security caches your content, bringing it closer to your visitors for an improved customer experience.

Secures Customer Data with SSL/TLS Encryption

To prevent unwanted breaches, web traffic passes through the network for encryption.

This encryption also protects sites from receiving the “not secure” label per Chrome v.68 updates.


These are just a few of the many reasons for the importance of WordPress security. Contact Centennial Arts with the link below to learn more about we can help you protect your WordPress website.
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