Comparison on Website Design Companies


What they offer: Web hosting, website design and templates, domain names, payment processing, QuickBook and payroll services.

Why they think they’re so great: Their portfolio serves customers in North America, Europe, Singapore and India. Even though they own great brands such as QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, that doesn’t make them a better website design company. They also “believe in the power of the individual,” which sounds good, but means you will be doing a lot of work by yourself.

Why they really aren’t: Intuit is another pre-designed template website. Although they offer the ability to “do your own website design” instead of just picking from a batch of templates, your design is still completely limited and under their control. You only provide them basic info about your company, a description of what you want on your company homepage, and images or text for the website. Once your website is published online, you have to maintain and manage your site on your own, which takes up a lot of time. 

Intuit Site Example(s):






What’s wrong with this website image:

It’s pretty boring, there’s too much information overload, not enough “pop-out” or emphasis on the important information in the content, and the only picture on the entire website (besides pictures of the products on the eCommerce pages) is located on a random page. In addition to information overload, a main cause to the problem is not enough balance on images and text. This is why most users overlook the information and choose not to take the time to read any of the content.

This company focuses merely on eCommerce and selling their products online, so the layout will be different than other companies online for marketing and information purposes. Because non-eCommerce sites have a different layout and purpose for being online, it requires much more work and detail into making the site as marketable, attractive, or professional as possible.


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