Website Insight: Do You Need a Website for Your Company?


Whether you’re a barber, plumber, restaurant owner, jewelry maker, massage therapist, or non-profit organization, a website is extremely essential in today’s viral market and digital economy. The use of the internet has been vastly growing and so many things are now accessed online or through mobile services. Advanced technology and online services are heavily involved and a big part of our everyday lives. We continue to value the importance of accessibility, efficiency, visualization, entertainment, and productivity in our products and services.

With this in mind, having a company website has been emphasized to be essential in order to build clientele, credibility, sales increase, and of course, long-term success.  Listed below are some reasons why your company needs a website and what it can do for you.

What Websites Can Do For Your Company


Offers eCommerce Services:

  • Promote Products and Services
  • Sell Your Products and Services
  • Test New Products and Services
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Answer FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answering any FAQ’s help potential and current customers know about specific information in the easiest and most accessible way. This will help limit future concerns and issues with anything on the site, which can decrease your credibility.

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Build and Improve Branding, Credibility, and Clientele

Websites serve many functions, but branding, credibility and clientele are important factors when deciding on getting a website. A website increases chances for all of these important tools of success.

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Reach a National and International Market

Imagine your single website being accessed all over the world…well, it can happen to you! Anytime someone searches for a specific thing on a search engine that relates to your company, your company domain could be one of the first sites on the page. The more people click on your site, your SEO will increase and your domain will be more likely to pop up at the opt of the page on a single search.

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Solicit Feedback From Customers

Customer’s feedback is another credibility factor that allows potential customers to know more about your company without the doubt and concern of using your service or buying your products. Customer feedback on your company is usually seen on sites such as Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Glassdoor, and Angie’s List.

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Offer Services and Accessibility to your Website 24/7/365

The great thing about having a website is that it can still be accessed even when your business office is closed. A website is active and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. If you sell products online, you may even wake up in the morning and realize that there had been several orders processed over night!

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Ability to Update Information Quickly

Whether a new product is on the market, a product is sold out, a sale or current special is going on, or if your office will be closed on a certain holiday, you can easily have your website updated in a timely manner.

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Improve Communication

Communication, both direct and indirect, is very important for your business. Effective communication involves everything from adequate website content, easily accessed contact information, answering FAQ’s, and even keeping your site updated.

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Allow Potential Customers to Learn About Your Business in an Easy Way

The content of your website should be done by you, the one who knows your company best. If you aren’t very good at writing, hire a temporary copywriter or content writer to help you come up with the most persuasive and clear information for the website that will help benefit your business in a positive way.

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Share Important Information with Potential Clients or Customers, such as:

  • Hours of operation
  • Map/Location of business
  • Email address, phone number, or other contact info
  • Prices, current specials, happy hours, etc.
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Promote your Social Media Pages in the Most Cost-Effective Way

Social media pages are one of the most common things in the Internet Industry. Today, having a social media page is almost as important as having a company website. If you don’t have a social network, we strongly recommend you starting one through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or other networking sites of preference.

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If you have ever tried to look up a business on the internet in order to find more information on what they do or sell and you can’t find them, you know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes potential customers will even decide not to go to your business or contact you if they can’t find your website.

All in all, websites serve as the most essential tool for credibility of your business. If a customer can not find your website online, they will have second thoughts about your business and may think you aren’t a very legitimate company.

Want A Website For Your Company?

Centennial Arts is a truly customizable website design and technology company. We know your busy, and busy people don’t have time to manage their company websites on their own. Consider using our company’s services to help you develop a new website or revamp your current site. The services we offer are:

  • Truly Customized Website Design
    • Unlike other design companies that focuses on a template design, our designers are fluent with programming languages in regards to design. The reason we do not use CMS or any systems similar is because we have complete control of the layout and formatting of a website.


  • Consultation
    • We are known for our experience in the Internet industry. Aside from the design itself, we have an understanding on what a visitor/viewer is looking for while at the website.


  • Hosting
    • We are an all-in-one solution for businesses looking for the full package. Maintains an extensive network infrastructure within which we host all our clients’ websites. In layman’s terms, we host the websites on our servers to make it accessible via the World Wide Web (Internet). This makes things easier for our clients to have one point of contact instead of dealing with two separate companies for their complete Internet solutions.


  • Enterprise Email Solutions
    • Centennial Arts email services provides you with email addresses at your domain name. We also provide tools to help you grow and manage your email accounts straight from the web, mobile phone, and email clients such as Outlook. Our latest filtering system for Spam stays up to date with the popular anti-spam organizations on the Internet.


  • Unlimited Maintenance
    • We assure you that your website will be compatible with different Platforms and browsers. In addition to our standard design process, our designed websites also works on Smartphone’s and tablets.


  • Unlimited Updates
    • We simplify the process for the end user for maintaining the site content. Centennial Arts provides unlimited updates at NO additional charge. Our philosophy is to have the business owners and their staff focus on their tasks and not worry about anything technical in terms of the website. This helps maintain the website’s structure and integrity, and saves time for you.

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