Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Mobile Devices

Search Engine Optimization for Mobile Devices

With the release of a new update to Google’s Search Engine algorithm, there’s been a change in the way Google ranks and lists websites. Websites that are optimized for mobile browsers are now being rewarded with a better “score” from Google. Before this update was rolled out, all you needed to stay up in the rankings on Google’s search engine was a well built and optimized desktop-oriented website. However, with mobile traffic accounting for over half of those who are browsing the internet, there is a large opportunity for benefit. Therefore, we will discuss the benefits of search engine optimization for mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization for Mobile Devices

Mobile User Friendly

The difference between what sets your website apart from others as far as raising traffic goes, is a very critical. It is also simple task if done correctly.

When it comes to making a platform mobile-friendly, the following are essential:

  • Optimizing font sizes
  • Making buttons thumb-friendly for mobile platforms
  • Adjusting content so that it can easily adapt to different screen sizes (phone types)

There are several necessary steps to guarantee that your site is mobile friendly, and plays nice with Google’s new SEO algorithm.

Having A Responsive Design

Google highly recommends using a responsive design to garner traffic from mobile users. Having a responsive design is one of the most cost-effective techniques to adjust your websites content to the screen dimensions of different devices. In addition, a responsive design keeps both the desktop and mobile platforms of your website on the same URL.

At Centennial Arts, a responsive design is a standard practice across all of our packages. We do this to ensure a lower bounce rate due to user friendliness on our client’s websites. Having a responsive design keeps users from having to scroll and resize on their mobile devices. This helps maximize the usability of your site.

Excessive Redirect Chains

The score that Google will give you based on your mobile usability and page speed can be adversely affected by excessive usage of redirects. The worst case scenario from using multiple redirect chains is the possibility of a high bounce rate on your website.

Some redirects can add a lag time between the user and the web server. Therefore, Centennial Arts uses as little redirecting links as possible to ensure quick loading and an overall pleasant user experience.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

To assist with those trying to adapt to this new code update, Google has created a Web Master Tool that will analyze any website for being “Mobile-Friendly”.

Here is an example of a website that this tool has rated Not Mobile-Friendly:

Websites like these will have a lower score than average by Google’s crawlers. This tool is extremely helpful to analyze your website. This is because it informs you of the key points in your website that may need improvement to gain you a higher score on Google’s algorithm.

These are just a few of the many benefits of search engine optimization for mobile devices. For more information on how Centennial Art’s can help achieve your website or companies goals, feel free to contact us through one of the buttons below!

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