Magento: Performance and Speed

There are numerous ways to ensure your customers have a good onsite experience, and one of the most talked-about factors recently is Magento performance—the speed at which your eCommerce site loads. Studies have shown that slow page load times lead to increased abandonment rates, fewer product views and poor user experience. There are many benefits of Magento’s performance and speed when compared to other eCommerce sites such as Shopify.

Better User Experience

Magento’s performance—when optimized correctly—leads to higher loading speed. Considering that 47 percent of consumers expect the webpage load in 2 seconds or less, better speed results in better user experience.

Higher Conversion Rates

Did you know that every second of page loading delay costs you a reduction of 7 percent in conversion? Users in today’s fast-paced world value their time and abandon slow websites. Therefore, loading speed influences conversion rates immensely. When optimized the right way, Magento performance leads to higher conversion rates.

Better SEO

Search engines often provide the best experience to its users, so Magento’s speed has become one of the most important factors of search engine optimization. To achieve high search engine rankings, website’s speed must at least be equal to industry average. Magento’s latest version achieves just that when optimized correctly.

Save Money by Handling Greater Web Traffic

A lower application server CPU utilization allows Magento users to save money by handling grater web traffic with their current hosting infrastructure. This provides more options and flexibility when planning on-going site infrastructure needs.


There are many benefits when it comes to the speed and performance of Magento. In addition, you can optimize site performance even more by incorporating proper techniques and having the right hosting and support company. Centennial Arts is one of very few companies who offers Magento eCommerce application support for any issues that may arise with your online store. Our Support Packages include bug fixes, text and code changes, consulting on all aspects of your website, training of online documentation and phone support to ensure our clients individual design and support needs are met. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link  below for more information or to get started on your eCommerce site today!

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