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Marketing your dental practice successfully requires a rock-solid Internet dental marketing strategy. If you want to attract new patients to your dental practice, simply having a functional website and placing a few ads here and there just won’t cut it. Even if you are a great dentist, you will fall behind your competitors who know how to play the game.

At Centennial Arts, we pride ourselves on offering the best, customizable websites for dentists. Our team understands that dental practices require professional websites that are highly interactive with patients — and our designers have found the best features, techniques and design elements to suit your patients and your practice’s needs.

Attract New Patients with Centennial Arts’ Responsive Dental Website Design

Our Website Design Services

Every day, people who live in and near the area of your business are searching for a new dentist. Whether or not they find you ultimately has to do with the quality and design of your website and its content. Today, patients rely on computers and mobile devices to find everything, and many of your potential new patients are searching right now for a local dentist.

Centennial Arts uses responsive design for our dental practice clients to ensure flexibility and excellent user experience. This allows your dental website to be easily viewed on any device, both desktop and mobile. In addition, it will work seamlessly with tablets and phones running any of the most common operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Our team can create the ultimate user experience for your patients when they visit your site.

Make Sure Your Dental Practice
is Found on Google with Centennial Arts’
Local Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Services

About 97 percent of consumers search for business online, which is a significant increase from even just 5 years ago. Search engines such as Google are the preferred method for people looking for dentists in your city. This requires having a website that appears at the top of search engines.

Centennial Arts’ team of SEO experts can create a customized, powerful and effective optimization strategy that will help local people in need of your services find you right away and before they find your competition. Let our team show you how local SEO can dramatically increase new patient inquiries and intake and assist you in building a solid patient base for your practice.

Utilize Centennial Arts’ Professional Dental Practice Email Marketing Services for Successful Marketing Campaigning

Our Email Services

Accumulating email addresses for your existing patients is a critical tool for a successful marketing campaign. Not only is it an effective and cost-cutting method of staying in touch with your existing patients, but it can also be used to send reminders, promotional offers and birthday wishes to them. Additionally, email marketing can save you money on postage, printing costs and enables instant communication. In the age of smart devices, your email campaigns are definitely a cost effective and direct way to market to your patients.

Successful email marketing for dentists is all about maximized potential and continual improvement. However, the first step is creating business class emails your patients know they can rely on. Centennial Arts offers business class email services that can be accessed via a caMail login portal. This login portal interfaces directly with your email account and can be used from anywhere in the world right through your browser or any mobile devices. Therefore, you can keep your patients up-to-date no matter where you are!


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