Keeping a Lower Water Bill and a Healthy Lawn


A handful of good tips can help save on water consumption, and shave a bit off your water bill. Much of your water consumption is from watering your lawn. Due to the extra high temperatures and lack of rain, it has been an uphill battle keeping a green lawn. Because of this, we’ve complied the following tips to make your watering more effective and cost efficient.

Simple Tips

To reduce the loss of water due to evaporation, avoid outdoor watering between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. During these times, much of the water is wasted because of evaporation. Watering shortly after 7:00 pm or sometime in the middle of the night, when the weather is cooler, will noticeably improve your lawns appearance, and cost much less to do so.

Watering in segments is also very helpful. This helps the grass to more efficiently absorb water. Water for somewhere around ten to twenty minutes and then allow the water to be absorbed. Once the water has soaked in, water again. Repeat this until the soil is wet to a depth of close to six inches. Also, adding mulch, trees, and plants help to retain soil moisture and prevent evaporation.

Another way to reduce water waste is to adjust your sprinklers so the water only hits the grass and other vegetation. If water is reaching sidewalks, streets, and other pavement, its is simply wasted. Also, check for leaks in your sprinkler system or hoses and immediately repair them. Slow leaks of one drip per second wastes approximately 250 gallons of water in a single month.

Extra Tips

When cleaning sidewalks, porches, and other hard surfaces, use a broom instead of a hose. A water hose uses more then eight gallons of water every minute. You can also simply sweep first, hose later. This will still help to dramatically reduce water consumption.

Hope this helps to keep your feet dry and lawn healthy.

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