Bill Gates Expands Resume with DJing Stint and the Splits

Appearing with Jimmy Fallon, the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates proves he can club it with the best of them.

Bill Gates has been everywhere lately. He’s been stating that he supports the FBI against Apple. He’s also been stating that he doesn’t really support the FBI against Apple, but maybe. He’s even been interviewed by Charlie Rose. Although, these episodes were all in his comfort zone.

When Gates appeared with Jimmy Fallon on the “Tonight Show”, he was out of his element.

When saying he’d do anything to publicize, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual state-of-the-world appeal to human sense, he was then forced to make strange faces with his mouth.

This is because Gates had to show off his DJing skills.

A DJ has to express something. In Gates’ case, he jigged up and down, he wiggled his lips all while holding a headphone to his ear. Wearing a flashy pink sweater, he then parted the waves of adoring clubbers, leaped into the air and performed the splits. And to add to this, he then danced with his wife and revealed there was another pink-sweatered Bill Gates lurking inside his mouth.

Even if he might look slightly awkward while participating in it, Gates has been known to show himself to be ready for amusement. There again, he was quite superb in the much-maligned but quite stellar Microsoft ads he did with Jerry Seinfeld.

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