Top Hottest Solar Technology Gadgets not to miss summer 2012

Most of us love to spend time outdoors in the sun at beach, taking a walk at park, playing outdoors sports with your friends, and etc. Every year technology market has been booming and more gadgets are being updated and newer and improve gadgets are coming out into the markets this year. Don’t miss out on hottest solar technology gadgets that are coming out this summer 2012.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760

Logitech Wireless Keyboard is built for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Logitech Wireless Solar keyboard allows you to connect any Apple device. The weight of keyboard is light and powered by any light (low light and lamp light, indoors and out. Logitech Wireless gets a similar layout and all the keys you expect to get are Command, Brightness, and Eject keys and so much more. Battery power is three times stronger fully charge. It lasts three months and even works in darkness.  The K760 is designed to reduce its environment footprint.2

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Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle Touch

Solar lighted cover has a one touch releases and turns on LED reading lamp. It has an integrated reserve battery which converts and transfer its energy to Kindle main battery and extend reading time. It can last up to 50 hours without using Kindle’s main battery. The weight of solar lighted cover is light weight and easy to handle. Solar lighted cover has a high performance solar panel continuously charges sunlight or shade.3

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Rukus Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Rukus Solar is a solar powered sound system connecting to via bluetooth (or auxiliary cable) to smartphones, computers, and music players. The battery on the Rukus Solar Bluetooth speaker lasts up to 8 hours and can be attained in full charge in six hours in direct sunlight. The system can be connected to electricity via a built-in AC adapter. Rukus Solar contains a USB port for the charging of mobile devices. It light weighted, easy to handle, easy to carry around and place to store your personal device including music controls.4

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Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio

Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio can be used to protect your iPad also powered by light keyboard. It can supported by iPad2 and iPad (3rd generation) known as new iPad only. Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is fully powered and can be type on it for two years even in complete darkness. The Solar Keyboard is light weighted containing a Bluetooth. Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio can be used for writing such as (typing an email, or report) and watching a video where you can play, pause, and change volume instantly.5

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ASolar Solar iPad charging dock

ASolar Solar iPad is originally named by a Dutch company. It a universal iPhone and iPad dock which not only draws power via USB but also uses solar energy.6 The solar Power Dock uses a 6000mAH battery which can charge up to couple pair of iPhones.7 It also can be used especially for iPod too. ASolar Solar iPad can be sync through iTunes and is equipped with LED indicator.6


  • weight 210 grams6
  • USB Charge Time 4 hours6
  • Charging time by sunlight: 12-16 hours6
  • Charging time by mobile phone: 3-4 hours6
  • Includes USB cable for charging via USB and for charging other brands of mobile devices6

Petal solar light

Petal solar light is a green planting source that can be used in your own garden or any other place that needs eternal lighting. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Petal solar light is good for day and night even on cloudy days. Note: There are several lighting designs to choose from and you can find solar lights about anywhere. Petal solar light recharges during the day and lights up automatically which includes a battery. After sunset it can be exposed at night after being exposed in daylight. Also, petal solar light can illuminate even in worst weather conditions.8





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