Products and Services that Google is offering for the customers.

People love to have their favorite apps on their devices (mobile phones and/or tablets) and on their computer even if they want to search and find something in few minutes rather than just going through Yellow Pages or calling 411 to ask for directions to certain place. Most people have common apps stored on their devices for instance they may want to know what the forecast going to be today in that particular city, if they want to play Angry Birds, check business emails or check for traffic updates.

Most of us have million of apps stored on our device to used for important reasons. It unfortunate how technology changes whenever a new product comes out or a newer version of the same brand comes out (for instance iPhone3 to iPhone4). It can be frustrating how an app on your device doesn’t want to download 100%. The hardest part of having an app on your device is uninstalling the app if you wanted to update to newer existing app to install on your device. On the other hand, apps can be fun to use and majority of them are free to use but some apps may cost you few dollars per month. Free apps installed can last for a while, but sometimes they can be disconnected on your device without warning you in advance.

People who have an device can have access to most of these web apps such as (Google Search, Google Alerts, Blog search, Google Finance, Google Groups, Hotpot (which allows people to search restaurants, hotels, etc. and allows you to share them to your friends), Google Image Search, Directory, Google books, Google News, Google Play, Google Schemer, Google Shopping (which allows you to shop online for your favorite laptop, printer, and other office needs for your business), Knowledge Graph (which is a knowledge base used to enhance search results with semantic information gathered from several sources such as searching for your flight time, weather, time one in another country, etc.), Google Docs (which allows people view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, etc. on their device), Gmail, Google reader and etc.1 Most of these apps are very useful in everyday business world which can save you a lot of time and hassle throughout your day.  For more information on products and services that are included on Google check out this link.

Google products that were introduced in Google are no longer available on devices to download. For instance, Aardvark, Google Answers (which allow people to post questions and researched answers to their queries),  Google Base (a database provided by Google into which any user can add almost any type of content, such as text, images, and structured information in formats such as XML, PDF, Excel, RTF, or Wordperfect), Google Buzz, City Tours, Google Desktop, Google Dictionary, Google Health, Google Labs, Google Notebook, Google Web Accelerator, and etc.1 For more information on products and services that are not included on Google check out this link. Also people can learn more on Google Services on specific services Google doesn’t offer.

Most people were surprised on how most of the products from Google were discontinued to used. People didn’t seem to like the products or weren’t satisfied with the ratings because many of products were probably recall back to manufacture. Not everyone is going to purchase all the Google apps. Another reason why Google products may have been discontinued is either because of integration with other Google products, or through lack of support.1 Customers have to be careful what products to purchase from Google and check out the latest on newer products and services. Sometimes its good to pay for Google products to satisfied your needs for your customers.



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