Is the Pokémon Go Craze Good or Bad?

Is the Pokémon Go Craze Good or Bad? - Pokémon Go Logo

Pokémon Go  has been a popular topic of discussion lately, but what is all the craze really about? We will answer this question, as well as “Is the Pokémon Go craze good or bad?”

Is the Pokémon Go Craze Good or Bad?

Pros of Pokémon Go


The first pro of Pokémon Go is that it is free to play. Unlike the main series Pokémon games, this newly launched game is free. You can also play it on a device you most likely have already. As a result, there are a lot more potential players.

Also, the entry level is quite low. This is because it is designed for anyone to jump in, no matter their gaming abilities. There are some in-app purchases available, but the game doesn’t require you to purchase them to continue playing. These purchases only exist for those who want to buy them.


The exercise aspect has probably been one of the most talked-about benefits of Pokémon Go since its release. There have been countless stories of players trekking all over in their efforts to find and catch the rarest of the rare Pokémon.

There was one incident where a parent and child journeyed almost twelve and half miles. They even met many other trainers along their way. Another incident taking place in New Zealand, two friends used a kayak to paddle out and claim a gym.

Anti-Depression/Anxiety and Socializing

There have already been numerous reports about how Pokémon Go has helped people make connections with others. Many people who struggle with depression and anxiety are stating that this game helps them feel more comfortable about getting out and interacting with others.

There’s a natural connection point around Pokémon Go in the crowds. Many players will have conversations with random strangers that normally would have been awkward, just because it’s easy to talk about the game. Through these interactions, those who suffer with depression and anxiety have been able to better cope with their symptoms.

Cons of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go and Driving

Over the last few years, public awareness of the dangers of texting while driving has grown quite a bit. When focused on your phone, you’re not really paying much attention to your real life surroundings. Therefore, this dramatically increases the chances of having an accident.

If texting and driving is bad, then playing videogames while driving is clearly unacceptable. Many state police departments have jumped on this, issuing warning signs about driving and catching.

Battery Draining

Pokémon drains your phone battery quickly. This only makes sense though because it uses your GPS and your camera, which are both battery draining features.

However, you will most likely be playing a lot outside with your screen at or near or maximum brightness, which can also drain the life out of your battery.

Kidnapping and Robbery

Dropping lures in Pokémon Go might be a great way to make some new friends. However, it can also be a crafty way to trick people into dangerous situations. There have been stories starting to pop up recently about players following lures and instead of fellow trainers greeting them, it was armed robbers.

There was also a recent story where a young man in a supermarket parking lot almost took a little girl around the side of the building to show her where she could catch a rare Pokémon, only to realize after a few steps that one could interpret his well-meaning assistance as a federal crime.

You Might Come Across Something Unexpected

Playing Pokémon Go might cause you to come across something unexpected, like a dead body. This is probably the most interesting story to come out of the recent launch of this game.

According to County 10 news out of Riverton, Wyoming, a teenager apparently found a dead body floating in the river one morning while playing the popular game. This story hasn’t been confirmed 100 percent, but it seems likely only a matter of time before something similar really does happen. It only makes sense that having people exploring every nook and cranny of their neighborhoods or parks will eventually lead to something unexpected.


So the question remains, is the craze over Pokémon Go good or bad? With anything there is always going to be negatives. However, taking the necessary precautions to stay safe and be careful allows the positives to be even greater! Always stay safe while you catch ’em all!

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