How Centennial Arts’ Email Services Benefit Dealers in the Automotive Industry

automotive industry email services

Versatility and adaptability are the key to success in the automotive industry. Here at Centennial Arts, we know our automotive dealer clients need a user-friendly, easy access email service that can be accessed quickly and on the go. This is why we offer business class email services customized for your domain and user-friendly from all devices, including your smartphones. Here are a few of the many benefits of our business class email services for the automotive industry.

Centennial Arts’ Email Services are Mobile-Friendly

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mobile-friendly email servicesOur automotive industry email services can be managed directly through your smartphone. We know our automotive clients and running from one place to another, making sales and having easy access to their email is a must. Whether it is an iPhone or an Android, we have you covered with our online support and setup for each one! Naturally, if you can manage your email through your smartphone then you most definitely can manage it through your favorite email client. Outlook, Entourage, or Thunderbird can all be done using our business class email services.

Centennial Arts Can Handle
Any Number of Email Accounts

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No matter how many employees your automotive company has, Centennial Arts automotive industry email services can handle any number of email accounts. One of our many automotive clients, Henson Motors, has around 75 accounts in total that has significantly helped them keep in contact with customers and increase sales. However, we can do more than 75 email accounts as well! View our Email Hosting Packages for more information on the options we have available.

Centennial Arts’ Email Admin Panel
Allows for Easy Management

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email managementOur unique automotive industry email services utilizes an email management system has features unlike any other system on the Internet. Our Admin Panel feature allows your IT department to manage all aspects of all your employee email accounts from the panel. Aside from being able to update passwords for email accounts, one of the favorite features is changing the username while retaining your Inbox and the folder structure. Learn how to manage your company email accounts via the admin panel.

Centennial Arts Uses IMAP Protocol
Provides Protection for Your Emails

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Centennial Arts uses IMAP protocol to provide the ultimate protection of your emails. IMAP allows all of your emails to be stored on the server and not on the device. This is extremely useful for out automotive clients as they are always on the go, checking their emails through different devices whether it be a computer or a smart device. If a device fails, you don’t have to worry about losing all of those emails as they are always seamlessly synced from one device to another, including read and unread emails.

These are just a few of the many benefits our business class email services offer specifically for the automotive industry. For more benefits of our business class email services, read our article Benefits of Centennial Arts’ Email Services. Contact us with the link below to discuss the perfect email package for your business!

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