How Technology Has Evolved Since the 80s

There is a surprising number of technologies that define life today which got their start in the 1980s. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see the evolution of technology since the 80s.

The Evolution of Technology Since the 80s

Listening to Music

It is said to cross many barriers. So, is there any surprise that the options for listening to music has gotten so much easier?

There was a time when cassette tapes could provide someone with about 90 minutes of music. However, the technology changes since the 1980s have put iPods and Mp3 players—and now smartphones and streaming devices—in the hands of countless music lovers, and the time frame now appears in hours.

Taking a Trip

Today, drivers no longer need to pull to the side of the road to figure out where an address is located on the map, or spend 15 minutes trying to fold the map, thanks to GPS.

And even now, many have a GPS on their smartphones that can pinpoint an exact location within seconds. In addition, there are numerous route options to get them to their destination.

Watching a Movie

While the quality of the movies in the theater has definitely improved, many viewers may choose to stay at home instead. Thanks to technology since the 1980s, the unraveling of a Beta or VHS tape is no longer an issue for families who want to rent or own a movie; the DVD has changed the game.

Additionally, people are now able to stream movies directly from the Internet to their TV.


Phones have come a long way since they were first available to the public. However, cell phones have probably made the biggest advances. Anyone who is familiar with the brick like technology of the 80’s will probably question why they were “mobile phones”.

Cell phones today are smaller, lighter and smarter. And if that isn’t enough, you can now see the person on the other end of the conversation as well. Cell phones have become prominent in today’s world with their many capabilities and applications available to make life easier.

Ability to Learn

One of the biggest change in technology is probably the Internet and the way we use it. Pretty much everything we do is now accessible through the Internet, and the speeds have come a long way from the old dial up technology.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, a laptop or tablet will give you access to the Internet and social media.

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