Data Privacy Day: How to Keep Your Private Data Protected

Data Privacy DayToday is #DataPrivacyDay! In today’s world, cyber security is a growing concern. We observe this day as a reminder to protect and safeguard private data. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your private data protected.

Data Privacy

Train Your Employees

  • Keep a Clean Machine
    Talk to your employees about keeping a clean machine. Your company needs to have clear rules for what employees can install and keep on their computers.
  • Following Good Password Practices
    A strong password is typically at least 12 characters long, possibly a phrase or sentence. At a minimum, your employees need to separate work and personal accounts. In addition, they need to make sure that critical accounts have the strongest passwords.
  • Utilize Spam Filters
    Your employees should never open suspicious links in email, tweets, posts, online ads, messages or attachments — even if they know the source. In addition, make sure they use your company’s spam filters to prevent unwanted, harmful email.
  • Backing Up Work
    Whether or not you set your employees’ computers to back up automatically or ask that they do it themselves, they should be instructed on their role in protecting their work.

Protect Your Customers

Gain their Trust

  • Have (and follow) a privacy policy
    Your company’s website needs to have a privacy policy that lets your customer know what information you collect and how you use it.
  • Know what you have
    Be aware of all the personal information you have about your customers, where you are storing it, how you are using it, who has access to it and how you protect it.
  • Keep what you need and delete what you don’t
    It is tempting to keep information for future use. However, the less you collect and store, the less opportunity there is for something to go wrong.
  • Protect what they give you
    If you are holding onto your customers’ information, you need to keep it secure.

Best Practices

  • Automate software updates
    Many software programs will connect and update automatically to defend against known risks.
  • Scan all new devices
    Make sure to scan all USB and other devices before they are attached to the network.
  • Use a firewall
    An ideal firewall keeps cyber criminals out and sensitive data in.
  • Show your commitment to security
    In addition the Data Privacy Day, participate in activities such as National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which will demonstrate your company’s commitment to security.

These are just a few ways to make sure you properly secure your private data. Don’t hesitate to contact Centennial Arts with the link below or visit for more information!

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