Benefits of Using an eCommerce Quoting System

Using an eCommerce Quoting System: Quote Totals 3

The “Request a Quote” functionality can be a powerful tool for your eCommerce store. It can help you to successfully get conversions and an increase in purchases on your eCommerce store. Here are a few of the many benefits of using an eCommerce quoting system.

Benefits of Using an eCommerce Quoting System

Smart Quotation Form for Optimal Conversion

We use Cart2Quote for our clients, which uses a smart and compact form placed directly under the quotation list.

As a result, this zero-step approach ensures an optimal conversion.

Fast Checkout Using the Standard Magento Checkout

There’s no need for an optimized checkout. With Cart2Quote, you can bring all your customer and order data automatically to the Magento checkout process. Therefore, you can complete the quote to an order in seconds.

“Request a Quote” Attracts Customers

There is always one word that attracts customers: Discount. You can often observe that this word works fine when you buy more than one and the total amount is challenging one — an amount that customers do not often have in-cash with them.

So, a “Request a Quote” functionality along with your store products really does help in making a direct interaction between you and your customers for price negotiation. Also, price negotiation. Also, price negotiation, mainly works like a convincing tool to convert your visitors into your potential customers.

Creates a Connection Between Supplier and Buyer

The “Request a Quote” functionality makes your eCommerce store customers feel as if they are shopping in a real store and have the ability to ask for a quote for required products/items available.

This feature assists in making that connection between supplier and buyer. It does this by sharing lists of products for which the quote is requested. Buyers can ask for a quote and the admin can compromise and respond back with a compromising quotation proposal.


These are just a few of the benefits of an eCommerce quoting system. Contact Centennial Arts with the link below if you have any questions or to get started on a quoting system for your eCommerce store today!

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