Benefits of Business Class Email Services from Centennial Arts

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Versatility and adaptability are the key to success in business these days. We know our clients need a user-friendly, easy access email service that they can access quickly and on the go. Therefore, we offer business class email services customized for your domain and user-friendly from all devices, including your smartphones. The following are a few of the many benefits of business class email services.

Benefits of Business Class Email Services


Our domain-customizable email services are extremely versatile and are easily adaptable to fit your needs as a business with the following:


We offer online business class email services that can be accessed via a caMail login portal. This login portal interfaces directly with your email account and can be used from anywhere in the world right through your browser or any mobile devices.

We design our business class email services to help you build customer trust with professional email addresses. As prospecting and current customers will want to communicate with you throughout your professional relationship, our email services accommodate the needs of both you and your customers’ needs to ensure your business has constant growth.


With our email services, you have this life and time saving feature at your disposal, helping to keep your email neat and organized. The customization and versatility of these filters are virtually endless in what you can do.

Centennial Arts’ unique email management system has features unlike any other system on the Internet. Aside from being able to update passwords for email accounts, one of the favorite features is changing the username while retaining your Inbox and the folder structure. Learn how to manage your company email accounts via the admin panel.

Spam Protection

Email filtering one of the most common and most overlooked features in email. People overlook this feature for many reasons mostly because it is yet to really make any significant changes. A lot of your free email service providers out there on the web offer spam filtering with all of their email accounts yet they do not offer the same versatility which Centennial Arts offers. We continue to offer that versatility all the way through this feature as well.

It is estimated that junk mail consumes almost 75% of all email traffic. This junk mail can fill up your inbox quickly. With other enterprise class email services and free email services on the web they do not allow you to adjust your spam filter. We design our spam filtering in our enterprise class email systems to be adjustable according to the client’s needs.


With our email services, you can also manage it directly through your smartphone. Whether it is an iPhone or an Android, we have you covered with our online support and setup for each one!

You can also manage your email through your favorite email client. You can use all of the following email clients with our business class email services:

Unparalleled Support

We provide continuous support with a round the clock and robust customer service for all our clients to allow you to resolve issues with your email account in a seamless manner at any point in time. Compared to free email services, on the other hand, providing support via emails or FAQ are typically time consuming.

These are just a few of the many benefits of business class email services from Centennial Arts. Contact us with the link below if you have any questions about our email services!

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