The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Search Engine Optimization

seo-1395899_960_720Having the right SEO strategy for your website is crucial to maximize opportunities on the natural search landscape. To get the most of your website SEO, you need the services of one of the best search engine consultants with expertise in harnessing the whole range of activities, from the technical to the creative. Some Internet marketing services in their overt enthusiasm to push the limits of search engine optimization often miss the fine line between what is correct and what will not work. Here are a few examples of the terrible advice we have heard about .

Duplicate Content

Content MarketingIf there’s one significant aspect you want to ensure in your website, it is that you use original and unique content. Content that is duplicated is hazardous for your business because if search engines such as Google already have the content in their index, there is no reason they should promote yours, as it has nothing new to offer.

Irrelevant Keyword Stuffing

seo-1021505_960_720Utilizing keywords again and again in your content without any relevance is a disastrous search engine optimization practice. Not only will this discourage your readers from reading you content, but it will also act as a signal to the search engines that you are trying to trick their algorithms. Typically, one must use the keywords in their title, opening paragraph and a few more times is good enough. This includes SEO for locality as well.

Hiding Real Text

One very prevalent practice is hiding your real text and showing different versions to users and crawlers. However, this is no longer advisable. Try to keep the same version for both users and crawlers so that one can differentiate between website and ads.

Too Many Ads Above the Fold

Large AdsSearch engines such as Google do not like when you place too many ads above the part of a page that is visible without scrolling. If you notice a decrease in your website rankings, this might be one of the issues you should check out.

Putting Too Much On Your Home Page

It is crucial that your home page should be able to let the user take in everything at a glance, but this does not mean that you should put everything on your home page. This is because it makes your web page take longer to load and anyone who has told you otherwise has not given you good advice. Your website should always load within 4-5 seconds or less.

All Website Hosting Services are the Same, Get the Cheapest One to Start

As mentioned above, your website should load in 5 seconds or less. It should be up and running 24/7. Utilizing the correct software and website hosting service will allow your to achieve these goals easily. The ideal purpose of avoiding making mistakes when working on your SEO is to lead individuals to your website. If your website is slow, unavailable or not functioning correctly then people will leave, giving you a high bounce rate. Once people find your website, you want them to stay and learn about your products and/or services.

How Centennial Arts Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

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