Centennial Arts Offers Tips On How to Keep Your Clients Up-to-Date with Your Business by Using a Blog


Your business blog is an extremely useful channel for engaging customers and winning their loyalty simply by providubg blog posts on topics that demonstrate your company’s concern for satisfaction and invite comments. Along with your responses to the comments proving your business is listening to its clients with a willingness to accommodate their concerns, creating quality content that keeps them up-to-date with your business will build positive customer relationships. Our team here at Centennial Arts has compiled a list of tips on how to keep your clients up up-to-date with your business with the utilization of a blog.

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SEO Strategies for your New Website

seo-1216145_960_720You have a great new business idea, registered your domain name and started to build your website. How can you ensure it’s easy for Google and other search engines to discover and and rank your new website?

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SSL Security Issues

Email ServicesWhen communication between parties takes place over the internet, there is always risks. If a customer is sending payment instructions to your store using your online facility, the very last thing you ever want to happen is for an attacker to be capable of intercepting, reading, manipulating or replaying the HTTP request to the online application. The consequences can be unimaginable when an attacker is able to read your session cookie, or to manipulate the payee, product or billing address, or to simply inject new html or Javascript into the markup sent in response to a user request to the store.

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Why Every Business Needs Content Marketing

file7891262448908For your website to be ultimately effective you need to provide content that is useful to your customers and that advances your business objectives in a measurable way. High engagement is vital and is achieved by building and maintaining a community around your content. Companies need to understand where most of their customers are most active and how they can interact and engage with them most effectively.

This all requires careful analysis and planning. Having an effective content strategy provides the framework for ensuring the content that you deliver is on these essential requirements across all relevant digital platforms.

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Marketing Your Website

internationalEvery website we build at Centennial Arts is designed to increase visitor traffic. We design each and every website with the specific purpose of supporting your marketing goals and maximizing the reach and impact of your brand. There is tools incorporated for platform and blogging allows search engine optimization for your website, email marketing integration and connecting through social media.

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Customizing Your eCommerce Store for the Holidays

simple-remindersIn our previous article we discussed Preparing Your Online Store for the Holidays, now we’ll discuss how to customize your eCommerce website for the holidays.

With the holidays approaching quickly, it might be time for a makeover on your eCommerce site. Just as storefronts need a little holiday decoration, so do your online stores. Every year many eCommerce stores add flare to their websites for the season to show they are in the holiday spirit. This is a great and easy way to boost sales and receive more traffic from possible customers. Here are a few simple ways you can give your eCommerce site a makeover this holiday season.

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Preparing Your Online Store for the Holidays

_DSC7685The holiday season is almost always the most profitable time if year for many online businesses. Not only does the last quarter of year see increases in the number of orders, but the average size of the order tends to be much bigger as well. In fact, the majority of retailers make most of the yearly revenue in the last quarter alone.

With the day-to-day hustle running your eCommerce business, it’s easy to forget about the fast-approaching holidays. How many times has a holiday come and you realized your never prepared a promotion for it? We’re here to help! This article will discuss the importance of planning ahead and how early you should begin, as well as provide few helpful ways to prepare your online store for the holidays this year.

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Choosing a Custom Web Design vs Web Template

Being a business owner for your company is good to have when owning your own business. You may be asking yourself as a business owner, “How do I get my business started and how do I continue increasing the growth of my business?” The main thing that people must have in order to operate your business is a website which allows your customers to visit your page online whether if its a coffee, construction, bakery, restaurant, and etc. website. The main thing you want to keep in mind is where do you see your business going in the next five to ten years. If you want your business to expand and continue to grow then its best to have a custom website made by a professional web site developer rather than a web template. Continue reading Choosing a Custom Web Design vs Web Template