Magento: Performance and Speed

There are numerous ways to ensure your customers have a good onsite experience, and one of the most talked-about factors recently is Magento performance—the speed at which your eCommerce site loads. Studies have shown that slow page load times lead to increased abandonment rates, fewer product views and poor user experience. There are many benefits of Magento’s performance and speed when compared to other eCommerce sites such as Shopify.

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How to Setup an Online Store for Apparel on Magento with Centennial Arts


When starting an online apparel store on Magento, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in procuring or manufacturing great products to sell. However, without a thoroughly thought out online store, you won’t have the ability to sell your products effectively to your target audience. This article will outline a few key considerations and tips for anyone about to start a online store using Magento.

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Investing in a Sound eCommerce Hosting Plan

eCommerce Hosting ServicesMost businesses understand the significant advantage of having an online presence and likely have already established a website, or are in the process of doing so. It does not take much in-depth analysis to realize that people these days spend a lot of their time on the Internet. No matter if it is for your business, communication or simply for entertainment, investing in a sound eCommerce hosting plan that best represents your business is essential, especially to maximize the conversion rates and profits.

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What is a Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery NetworkContent delivery networks optimize the provision of web content through a system of distributed servers — a network — that shifts depending on the location of visitor. The closer the computer of the user is to a specific server, the fewer potential problems exist in terms of network bottlenecks, which boosts speed and performance. Offloading static pages, CSS style sheets, images and other content allows you to increase your eCommerce site’s ability to handle more concurrent users and improve responsiveness — two musts for the holiday shopping season.

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Preparing Your Magento eCommerce Store for the Holiday Season

e-commerce-1606962_960_720Is your Magento eCommerce store ready to handle peak loads this holiday season? Are you positive it won’t crumble during the busiest online shopping days of the year? If you believe that your Magento eCommerce store is already capable of handling high loads, you should be aware of possible instances of slow performances or server going down. Typically what happens is, people during the holiday season spend umpteen numbers of hours online while looking for deals, making researches and of course, shopping. However, because of the significant traffic, the website slows down and takes longer in loading pages. This article will discuss a few ways to prepare and test your eCommerce for the holiday to ensure it will handle high loads quickly and efficiently.

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Don’t Get Caught with Your eCommerce Site Down

eCommerce DownPreparing your eCommerce site for a busy holiday season is an absolutely critical process that has to begin well before most shoppers start looking for gifts. It is important to realize that no change alone will fully protect your site from the issues that commonly arise during periods of heavy traffic. However, you and your business must make a number of changes to avoid the possibility of having any problems with your eCommerce site. You must engage in some planning, testing and optimization before your site is ready to weather the storm of holiday shoppers that will soon arrive.

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Shopify vs. Magento

Shopify vs MagentoChoice of eCommerce platform can make or break your online business. Using the right one is crucial to your success. It is what allows you to scale your operations and grow. Understanding the difference between Shopify and Magento will help you choose the best eCommerce platform for you business.

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Dominate Your Marketing Campaign by Combining SEO and SEM

SEO vs SEMOne of the biggest missed opportunities by many businesses is this division that has entered the digital marketing conversation that there is some kind of competition between SEO and SEM. So often it is argued that SEO is dead, that they shouldn’t pay for clicks when they can rank organically, and that they often choose between putting efforts towards one or the other. It’s time for this conversation to change and recognize what the first two letters of those acronyms stand for — Search Engines.

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SEO for eCommerce

SEO vs. SEMThere are many businesses that are taking their products to the digital space and implementing eCommerce websites to sell their products and merchandise. If you are considering an eCommerce website, here are few things to know about how creating an eCommerce website and implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will impact your business.

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