Managing Your Facebook Organic Reach

Managing Facebook Organic ReachNow that you have a better understanding of how Facebook surfaces content, this article will explore tips for managing the decline in organic Page reach so you can ensure your Facebook Fans still see the majority of your posts.

Be Selective About What You Post

Marketing your business on Facebook requires you to switch gears from untargeted, frequent published to targeted, selecting publishing. The objective is no longer to spray and pray, but rather get as much interaction from a single Facebook post as possible. Each post your company Facebook page publishes can be targeted to a specific audience regardless of whether or not it is sponsored, which may prove improve overall interaction with that post among other individuals who are likely to find it more interesting and relevant.

Post Quality Content, But Less Often

Content MarketingWe’re living in a time of content overload, and Facebook is no exception. As a Facebook company Page manager, you are fighting for one of the limited spots available on News Feeds. You don’t need to post a high volume every day to get attention, but rather working smarter by creating quality content. More posts won’t necessarily bring more likes to your Facebook Page.

While there is no rule for how many times you should post on Facebook each day, two to three posts per day is an ideal number for businesses on Facebook. You will need to determine the right number of posts for your business, in addition to mixing and matching links, images, videos and text updates.

Re-Allocate Your Time and Effort Toward Your Owned Assets

The only constant with Facebook (and the larger digital media landscape) is change, so it always safest to focus on the digital channels you entirely own and control — your website and blog. If you spend the vast majority of your effort creating quality content (blog posts and long-form content such as eBooks, case studies or videos), this will continue to garner inbound traffic, leads and customers long after they are first created. If you have time and budget, share those assets to Facebook for additional organic reach.

Educate Your Super Fans About Notification Settings

Facebook Notification SettingsYou can educate your super Fans who really desire the content you post so that it appears at the top of their News Feed. This can be done by going to your company Facebook Page, clicking “Following” on the top, and then scrolling down to Notifications and clicking “On“.

Post at Off-Peak Hours

During times when fewer individuals are sharing content on Facebook, your chances of getting noticed are significantly higher. Generally, the best time to post on Facebook is around 3:00 PM. However, you can try posting at different times, depending on when your Fans are online.

Visit your Facebook Insights to check out when your Fans are logged into the network. Then you can select the hours when the majority of your Fans are online and your competitors are not posting.

Go Beyond Basic Advertising

The targeting capabilities of Facebook have gotten considerably better. As a company, you can now pay to reach your ideal persona based on demographics, interests, web behavior and more. In addition, there are a variety of tools and features that can assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns, including:


These are just a few tips for managing your Facebook organic reach for maximum marketing results. Contact us here at Centennial Arts with the link below or to get started on your Internet marketing strategy today!

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