Using Responsive Website Design to Improve Marketing

Many have heard about responsive website design, but as marketer, sometimes we are only focused on the specific tasks, such as creating content, developing email campaigns, building links and updating social media networks. The fact of the matter is, if you do not have a responsive design in place for your website, then all of the online marketing strategies we implement will not bring the full potential of results. This article will discuss the importance when it comes to adding responsive website design into the marketing mix.

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Benefits of Responsive Website Design

CA ManagementThere is no doubt that having a responsive web design for your website is extremely important for today’s web design point of view, as there is more demand now for responsive than ever before. With sales for mobile devices on the rise, people want to be able to visit your website while they’re “on-the-go,” thus the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. This article will discuss what responsive web design is and a few of the many advantages of responsive website design.

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What You Need to Know About Outsourcing

busyDoing your best work requires outsourcing. Entrepreneurs are ultimately can-do people — do-it-yourselfers. But this perspective can backfire sometimes. If you’re so do-it-yourself that you get slowed down in tasks that aren’t part of your expertise, or if you spend too much time on tasks that don’t directly generate income, you might be doing your business more harm than good.

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Marketing Your Website

internationalEvery website we build at Centennial Arts is designed to increase visitor traffic. We design each and every website with the specific purpose of supporting your marketing goals and maximizing the reach and impact of your brand. There is tools incorporated for platform and blogging allows search engine optimization for your website, email marketing integration and connecting through social media.

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Customizing Your eCommerce Store for the Holidays

simple-remindersIn our previous article we discussed Preparing Your Online Store for the Holidays, now we’ll discuss how to customize your eCommerce website for the holidays.

With the holidays approaching quickly, it might be time for a makeover on your eCommerce site. Just as storefronts need a little holiday decoration, so do your online stores. Every year many eCommerce stores add flare to their websites for the season to show they are in the holiday spirit. This is a great and easy way to boost sales and receive more traffic from possible customers. Here are a few simple ways you can give your eCommerce site a makeover this holiday season.

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Preparing Your Online Store for the Holidays

_DSC7685The holiday season is almost always the most profitable time if year for many online businesses. Not only does the last quarter of year see increases in the number of orders, but the average size of the order tends to be much bigger as well. In fact, the majority of retailers make most of the yearly revenue in the last quarter alone.

With the day-to-day hustle running your eCommerce business, it’s easy to forget about the fast-approaching holidays. How many times has a holiday come and you realized your never prepared a promotion for it? We’re here to help! This article will discuss the importance of planning ahead and how early you should begin, as well as provide few helpful ways to prepare your online store for the holidays this year.

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Search Engine Optimization: Mobile Platform


With a new update to Google’s Search Engine algorithm being released, changing the way websites are ranked and listed, sites that are optimized for mobile browsers are rewarded with a better “score” from Google. Before this update was rolled out, all you would have needed to stay up in the rankings on Google’s search engine was a well built and optimized desktop-oriented website. However, with mobile traffic accounting for well over half of those who are browsing the internet, there is a large opportunity for benefit.

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Choosing a Custom Web Design vs Web Template

Being a business owner for your company is good to have when owning your own business. You may be asking yourself as a business owner, “How do I get my business started and how do I continue increasing the growth of my business?” The main thing that people must have in order to operate your business is a website which allows your customers to visit your page online whether if its a coffee, construction, bakery, restaurant, and etc. website. The main thing you want to keep in mind is where do you see your business going in the next five to ten years. If you want your business to expand and continue to grow then its best to have a custom website made by a professional web site developer rather than a web template. Continue reading Choosing a Custom Web Design vs Web Template

Why Mock-ups for custom design are bad for a business?

How many times have you told someone that you wanted them to custom design some product such as a house, website, etc. that can be done your way with certain features and aesthetics? Later, it turns out it wasn’t done at all the way you expected. In these cases, this can be the result of what is called a mock-up being presented, which can lead to expecting something with certain assumptions of quality and specific details, but then it turns out too generic or does not fit to your needs, goals, or standards at all. Mock-ups are very common, and are also the reason why businesses complain often about “Why they don’t get the results they want the first time around?”. Mock-ups are commonly used in a custom design situation with the intent to show a graphical version of what appears to be the final or nearly final product. Continue reading Why Mock-ups for custom design are bad for a business?

Comparison on Website Design Companies


Let’s face it; there’s a lot of web design companies out there. So what makes many customers choose popular and widely advertised sites such as Go Daddy, Intuit, and 1&1? After comparing and contrasting these sites, you will also be educated on why certain features of these popular sites are at fault, and what you can do about it.

You will also see examples of websites that may appear attractive and “look” like a good website, but we want to reveal why these websites are not user-friendly and the content of the other pages on the site are easily overlooked. We want to show you the importance of looking for more than attractive pictures and colors on a site’s home page…and see what features really make a difference.

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