Benefits of Centennial Arts’ Email Services

WebmailVersatility and adaptability are the key to success in business these days. Here at Centennial Arts we know our clients need a user-friendly, easy access email service that can be accessed quickly and on the go. This is why we offer business class email services customized for your domain and user-friendly from all devices, including your smartphones. Here are a few of the many benefits of our business class email services.

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SSL Security Issues

Email ServicesWhen communication between parties takes place over the internet, there is always risks. If a customer is sending payment instructions to your store using your online facility, the very last thing you ever want to happen is for an attacker to be capable of intercepting, reading, manipulating or replaying the HTTP request to the online application. The consequences can be unimaginable when an attacker is able to read your session cookie, or to manipulate the payee, product or billing address, or to simply inject new html or Javascript into the markup sent in response to a user request to the store.

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MailChimp Integration with Magento

Integrating Mailchip with Magento is great for those looking to segment, personalize and automate by purchase history. This article will discuss some of the many features this integration provides.

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Comparison of Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook

Emailing is the most popular way of sending messages using a corporate email account instead of relying on Google Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and etc. Most of the time if you want to provide use safely to your own security setting, then a business email software is more useful than using a personal email account. This will prevent you from receiving spam/junk mail in your inbox. It will help you protect your email system and alerts you before opening the message. Today, I will be explaining the differences between the Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook. Continue reading Comparison of Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook

Using Free Email Services: Warning

EmailSpamAre free email services worth the price? According to CMIT Solutions, free, web-based email services like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail are increasing the gap of security. Spammers use fake return email addresses all the time, but if the return address belongs to an acquaintance of yours, chances are that person’s actual account (and address book) has been hacked into.

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